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Hall hire

About the hall

The Presbyterian Church Hall is an ideal space for hosting classes, workshops, playgroups, concerts, meetings, events and celebrations. Positioned on Crane Street in the centre of Ballina, the Hall is central to schools, shops, cafe's, public transport and the Northern Rivers Community Art Gallery. On street parking is available outside the Hall on both Crane and Cherry Streets. At present the Hall does not have wheel chair access.


The venue has two large spaces which can be hired together or separately (See specs below). The commercial kitchen is perfect for catering, food preparation, and cooking classes. It has two double basin sinks, two ovens with cooktops, a microwave, serving area, utensils and crockery to cater for up to XXXX guests. The enclosed outdoor play area adjacent to Room 1, is perfect for small children and play groups, whilst the large grassed area out the back of the hall is great for entertaining, marquees, market stalls, games and activities. Seperate male and female toilets are located at the rear of the block.

Ballina Presbyterian Church Hall Floor Plan
Specific details

Room 1

Size: 14.2 x 7.8 metres  

Original sprung hardwood floor

78 chairs 

10 tables  (8 chairs to a table)

Wall mounted whiteboard

Ceiling fans

Natural cross flow ventilation 

Capacity: Approximately 100 people seated, 200 standing


Ballina Presbyterian Church Hall for hire. Room 1.

Room 2

Size: 7.8 x 7.3 metres


30 small chairs (children)

12 adult chairs

Church pews around the wall

Large wall mounted whiteboard

Ceiling fans 

Natural cross flow ventilation

Capacity: Approx 60 people seated, 120 standing

Ballina Presbyterian Church Hall for hire. Room 2.


Two double basin sinks

Two ovens / stove tops



Plates, cups and mugs (XXXX guests)

Ballina Presbyterian Church Hall for hire. Kitchen.
Fees & Bookings
  1. Direct all inquiry to

  2. Read the ‘Hire Agreement’ below.

  3. Complete the on-line booking form.

  4. You will then be sent an invoice for the hire fee due with details of how to pay.

  5. If you wish to hire the hall on a regular basis you must also forward a copy of your public liability insurance policy.

  6. Please note that your preferred time slot cannot be confirmed until receipt of the appropriate paper work.

Commercial - $25/PH
Non-Profit.  - $15/PH
Hire Agreement & Conditions

Terms of Hire

  • The Committee has the right to decline an application for use of the hall at their discretion.

  • For a one-off function, the bond needs to be paid to confirm the booking and secure the date/s. Full payment, must be paid within 60 days of the event.

  • The bond will be refunded to the hirer within 7 days of the event if the state of the Hall after the event is deemed acceptable .

  • The Hall Hirer’s Checklist must be followed for it states the requirements for cleaning and caring for the Hall.

  • The hirer is responsible for leaving the Hall and its equipment, on exit, in the same state that it was on entry.

  • Any cost associated with additional cleaning, equipment repairs/replacement, rubbish removal and breakages will be deducted from the bond.

  • If the event extends beyond the stated time of the hire (including preparation and cleaning time), additional hourly rates will be applied at the rate of $50 per hour and deducted from the bond.

  • If the event is for children/adolescents significant adult supervision must be demonstrated in the initial request and during the event to ensure the facility and its surrounds are respected.

Conditions of Hire

The Hall Committee encourages and supports everyone to use the Hall so as to bring the community together, have fun and celebrate the uniqueness of this facility. Accordingly, the Hall needs to remain in good condition.
To ensure this happens, hirers have these responsibilities:

  • Loss or damage to the Hall, equipment or its amenities, incurred during a function, must be declared by the hirer to the committee and paid for by the hirer.

  • Breakdown of equipment or utilities should be reported to the committee by the hirer and if it is deemed to be normal wear and tear it will be repaired/replaced by the committee or otherwise by the hirer.

  • Neighbourhood noise needs to minimised to maintain good relations. The hirer must ensure there is no trespass, littering of the neighbour’s property or the village and all noise must stop by 12.30am.

  • Conduct of guests is the responsibility of the hirer, proper decorum and order must be maintained. Damage and inappropriate behaviour will be reported to police.

  • Removal of all rubbish is the responsibility of the hirer.

  • No rubbish or waste should be thrown into the garden. 

  • No thumbnails, nails, hooks or fixtures are to be screwed or hammered into this historic building.

  • Overall cleanliness of the Hall, floors and surrounds are the responsibility of the hirer as well as returning all furniture and equipment to its rightful position. Hirer must complete the Hirer’s Exit Checklist and return it to the committee or with the keys to the store, on completion of the function.

  • All lights, fans and equipment must be turned off on exit.

  • Maintaining the security of the Hall - All windows and doors must be locked on exit and the keys returned to the mailbox at the side door of the hall.

  • No Smoking facility - Smoking is permitted in the car park area only and not within the fenced area of the Hall.

  • No parking in the store’s car park during business hours. 

  • Cancellation of Hire - If the event is cancelled prior to one month of the proposed date a cancellation fee of $50 will be deducted from the Bond, if 7 days or less the full Bond will be retained.

Safety considerations

  • Hirers have a Duty of Care to their guests and are responsible for their well-being, safety and any injury incurred during the function. Precautions need to be made and due warning of potential dangers need to be given to guests.

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