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Old Building, New Lives, Eternal Truths

In a nut shell these 6 words describe the shape of our ministry. We meet in an Old Building, we are on about growing New Life through the Eternal Truth of the Gospel. We also communicate this by saying that we are on about Growing Followers of Jesus.




Welcome to our website.

Thanks so much for dropping by.

If you are viewing this on your phone I apologise for the current lack of pictures, I’m working on correcting that. Anyway …

We’re a growing church in the centre of Ballina working hard at growing as followers of Jesus.

We meet in an old building but we’re striving for lives that are new. So our time is based around clear, Christ centred bible teaching and a commitment to loving one another. We know that sometimes life is messy, we can cope with that. So whether you feel your life is in order or not, we’d love for you to join us on any Sunday at 9:03am (not 9:30am) or 6pm. We are a family of all ages and even if you don’t have any church background we’re sure that you’ll feel at home with us.

Many people ask why we start our meeting time at 9:03am and not on the hour. There are a number of responses I like to give: but really it reflects our approach in doing things a little differently. It also illustrates, in a small way how we like to extend God’s grace to others. You’d be surprised how helpful those extra three minutes are on a Sunday morning.

This year at BPC we are “Learning to Live for Life.” That’s why we have an ‘L’ plate in display. In an effort to be equipped for living for life we will be investigating the letter of Colossians for term of 2017. Come along and find out more about living now in light of eternity.

We are in our Old Building at 9:03am every Sunday morning and 6pm every Sunday evening – you’re very welcome to join us. In the meantime please wander around the rest of our website and check things out. Then maybe once you’re done with a virtual visit you’ll come and see us in person, I’m looking forward to it.




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